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Excellent whiteness and

conforms to global standards


Sericite LQ-15 is the highest grade sericite powder that meets global standards .

It has an excellent feel, a very high whiteness, and a low content of impurities such as heavy metals .

It can be used for various purposes as an extender pigment for makeup cosmetics and as an alternative raw material for talc.


The average particle size is adjusted to around 10 μm.


Guarantee high quality heavy metal standards

 Lead       ≦10 ppm

Arsenic     ≦ 2 ppm

Antimony  ≦ 5 ppm

Cadmium  ≦ 3 ppm

Mercury  ≦ 1 ppm

* Total dissolution method using hydrofluoric acid

Microbial control by sterilization

Product manufacturing : Heat sterilization

Before product shipment    : Gamma ray sterilization


[ Microbial standard]

General bacterial count   <100cfu / g
Specific microorganism   negative / g

Supply system capable of stable supply

Products are always in stock in multiple warehouses in Japan

Always secure raw ore according to the required quantity

Conforms to standards around the world

America (FDA)

EU (EC No 1223/2009)

China (Cosmetic Safety Technical Code 2015)

Korea (Cosmetics Law)

Canada (Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist 2015)

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